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Festival-goers and Fete Lovers!

Welcome to FeteLand - Festival of Fete!

This is your ideal destination - your perfect place to fully immerse yourself in a cultural adventure.

Whether you are ready for full access to all events or prefer to choose your experience, Wednesday May 29th to Sunday June 2nd will feature five events, non-stop entertainment and Trinidad's best food and drink.

Festival Line-up:
Wednesday 29th May - Casa Clava - The Clubhouse
Thursday 30th May - Tailgate - Tailgate TT
Friday 31st May - TIPSY - Crimson Crew & Bess Lime
Saturday 1st June - Bacchanal Blocko - Caesar's Army
Sunday 2nd June - Bacchanal Road - Caesar's Army

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• Festival Combo with 5 events
• Festival Combo with Tailgate, Bacchanal Blocko, Bacchanal Road
• Festival Combo with Casa Clava, Tailgate, Bacchanal Blocko

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Date: May 29th - June 2nd, 2024

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Bacchanal Blocko

Combining the excitement of paint,water and powder this is the only j'ouvert block party you need to attend!

At Bacchanal Blocko witness the exhilarating union of music and vibes, with pulsating rhythms and vivid bursts of colour filling the air. It's more than an event; it's an experience! Walk with your coolers and be ready to answer the Call of Duty.

Bacchanal Blocko is a GO!

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Date: Saturday 1st June, 2024

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Festival-goers and Fete Lovers!
You have arrived at your destination.

Welcome to Bacchanal Road: Home of the Happy People where Bacchanal is Happiness, Happiness is Bacchanal

Pull up with your crew in your best Monday wear or carnival costume and step into a world of endless energy and boundless joy.

With the stilt walkers, chip down the road to sweet musical sounds and sway your hips to the best Caribbean beats.

Follow your vibe and get behind the truck with the baddest tunes. Wine low with complete abandonment and feel the liberation on the "Bacchanal" Road.

At "Home", you will have an all inclusive premium experience. Join the happy people and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

#Feteland2024 #CaesarsArmy #BacchanalRoad

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Date: Sunday 2nd June, 2024

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Get ready for Bacchanal Blocko Saint Lucia.

Join Caesar's Army and Fuzion Mas for the ultimate mix of music, vibes and revelry.

Romans, your passport to paint, powder and water has been validated.

On Saturday, July 13, 2024, we travel to Beausejour Promenade.

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Date: Saturday 13th July, 2024
Time: 5am - 11am.

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Recruitment is ongoing as we summon our Bajan comrades to answer the Call of Duty!

This is the ultimate test of skill, endurance and camaraderie where only the strong survive!


Please note the registration guidelines:
1. Visit:
2. Create your account now.
3. Select your package. (Up to 3 packages per account)
4. Request your packages.
5. Once your package is approved, select your size, add to cart and check out.

*Please note requests will be processed on a first come first serve basis

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Date: Saturday August 3rd, 2024

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Rebel J'ouvert, Take the Oath & Enlist

Do you solemnly swear to support and defend the Rebellion, against all enemies, foreign and domestic; to bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that you will obey orders brought to Bacchanal and mash up the whole Fete?

Paint X Powder X Soca

1 EPIC Event | Rebel Care Packages | The Finest Dj's & Hosts

Rebels the IVth is here, and may the force be you.

Date: Saturday August 17th, 2024
Time: 3 PM to 10 PM
Location: Crouch Valley Showground, A1245,Rayleigh SS6 7FQ

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