Caesar's Army




Brands across the region have benefited from Caesar’s expertise.

We work with a diverse array of organizations, from stalwart institutions such as the University of the West Indies to international powerhouses such as Heineken.

Aaron Doyle

Bess vibes for the past decade! From TOBAGO liming to AM BUSH to MAI TAI to IN DE PAINT DANCE to LUSH we been pumpin! Great events and experiences to share with good people! My family, friends and I always enjoy ourselves at the CAESAR’S ARMY events!

Shondell McMillan

Never a dull moment anytime when I’m attending one of Caesar’s Army events.
Great parties. Great memories. One love!!

Keisha Davidson

Well organised professional service everything on point j’ouvert was the best i’ve ever seen … 100%

Ansell Thompson

EUPHORIC!!! The secret locations, far away from town makes the vibes so much more intimate and joyous. I couldn’t stop smiling! It just keep you wanting it to never end.

Thandiwe St. Hill

Last year was my first experience and I sooooo looked forward to this all year… Best event I’ve ever experienced in trini. You guys have me hooked Besssssssst best best kudos keep up the good work

Reeko Lynch

Partied with the army for the first time this year and within the first 5 minutes of the event I knew this was better than anything I’ve ever been to. Thank you for these quality experiences – can’t wait to have more! #IAmARoman

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