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Venimus . Vidimus . Vicimus



Our Story

When Caesar’s Army was formed in 2006, it was with the conviction that our passion for creating unforgettable experiences would resonate powerfully and elevate the entertainment industry.

Under the umbrella of Julius Caesar Entertainment Company, our Caribbean-based event production and management company, has evolved into a global force.

We have achieved this by crafting festivals and events which connect to the core of our audience, creating an army of loyalists – our Romans – around the world. We pride ourselves on delivering signature international festivals and events that celebrate our Caribbean culture.


Who We Are

Caesar's Army - Our Movement

Our Vision

We Came. We Saw. We Conquered.
(Venimus, Vedimus, Vicimus)

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Caesar's Army - Our Mission

Our Mission

To be a world leader in festival production and a catalyst for Caribbean culture.

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Our Movement

Be all YOU can be! Caesar’s Army strives to be an advocate for mental health ...

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