Caesar's Army


A Trinidad NEWSDAY Feature | By: Mark Lyndersay

Caesar’s Army opens virtual way to Carnival in Antillea

The team at Caesar’s Army might not have intended it, but the surreal transition from its tidy beige office on Gallus Street in Woodbrook into the rendered world of Antillea was everything that a sci-fi buff might have hoped for.

While Renata Sankar, the company’s events production manager, was adjusting the Oculus headset, everything shifted into a ghostly grey – the walls disappearing in a fog-like haze of noisy desaturated white, my hands hovering like ghostly appendages on an old black-and-white TV.

As it turns out, I was in a kind of digital netherworld, the wait screen before the Altspace virtual reality app loaded and before I appeared in the equally beige, but far more expansive digital lobby of the Hub – the Antillea project receiving area.

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