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Bacchanalia Festival


Bacchanalia Festival

The reinvention of the Carnival Experience in a New Weekend; creating the opportunity for non-masqueraders to Own the Road!

Road Block
To kick start Bacchanalia – The Weekend, Road Block gives patrons the opportunity to channel their anticipation for the road with the experience of an ultimate water and powder j’ouvert block party.

Bacchanal Road LED
A Bacchanal Road experience with a twist – Bacchanal Road LED. This mobile event transforms and transports each patron to the experience of Monday Night Mas; popularly executed in Grenada, with led props, on the Road.

Bacchanal Road
For 5 consecutive years, Bacchanal Road has maintained its ability to transform and transport each patron to being on the road on Carnival Monday. It is the perfect prelude to the Greatest Show on Earth. Bacchanal Road has since been introduced in Barbados and Jamaica markets.

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