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Jules has become a key architect in revolutionising the local and regional entertainment landscape. He is the Founder, CEO & Commander-In-Chief of Caesar’s Army Ltd., the event and festival management and production company.

His industry leadership comprises a myriad of roles, including Creative Director of the popular ROGUE Mas Band, as well as Founder and CEO of Caesar CreatiV, a creative agency that embraces digital transformation to secure client success. Jules is also the head of CZAR, a Caribbean brand agency which builds, manages, and champions brands to drive them to the promised land of ultimate industry potential, as well as the company’s theatre production arm, CZAR Theatre. Finally, he spearheads The Mas Movement Ltd, which is solely dedicated to building a global movement that amplifies Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival Culture.

Appointments and Honours:

  • 2017 Champions of Business – “EY Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from the Trinidad and Tobago Chamber of Commerce.
  • Board Member – National Academy of the Performing Arts (NAPA)
  • Board Member – Trinidad & Tobago Television Limited (TTT)
  • Board Member – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) NextGen
  • Lead Creative of the CARIRI Creative Tech Lab Trinidad and Tobago

Jules looks forward to continuing to conquer new territories and to blaze a trail that inspires the next generation of visionaries and game-changers.

Chief Operations Officer

Hasani Wattley is known as a General of Caribbean entertainment, as one half of the popular Carnival events brand – Caesar’s Army.

As the Chief Operations Officer and Co-owner of Caesar’s Army, he’s done more than throw the crème de la crème of fetes. He has grown a brand that has successfully penetrated Caribbean and North American Diaspora markets.

But that’s just one side of him. He’s also a project management and business consultant with an eye for the big picture buoyed by strategic details.

Pivoting is in his blood.

An engineer by profession, he left his eight-year career in oil and gas – which included projects in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, and Guyana, among other countries – to start Caesar’s Army Limited in 2006.

Over the past 14 years in “The Army”, he also became a shareholder and the Senior Manager for Rogue Mas Band responsible for operations and logistics. Hasani also manages fashion designer Rhion Romany, who has become a highly sought designer locally.

In love with business strategy, he channels his project management, engineering, and financial experience into creating sustainable systems for businesses through his second company – North Star Consulting Services. North Star provides project management, engineering management consultancy, international events management, and business consulting services.

Hasani is a registered engineer with the Trinidad and Tobago Board of Engineering, and holds a BSc in Mechanical Engineering (Honours) from The University of the West Indies. Additionally, he is a certified Project Manager (PMP) with the internationally recognized Project Management Institute, and holds a Diploma in Financial Management from the Association of Chartered and Certified Accountants. He also holds a CSME skilled worker certificate, which allows him to work throughout the English-speaking Caribbean.

Mai Tai was first introduced to Caesar’s Army line-up of events in June, 2009 as a Hawaiian themed Cooler Party in Trinidad and Tobago.

From 2009 to its last staging in TT in 2016, the event was transformed from a cooler fete to a cruise to a drinks inclusive and from a summer event to a carnival event.

Mai Tai, though no longer an event in TT, has dominated in New York and Miami bringing the warmth and vibe of the caribbean to our ROMANS.

Alternative J’Ouvert

For 10 consecutive years, on Carnival Saturday Morning, in Trinidad and Tobago, A.M.BUSH TT is known as one of the Army’s most desired events.

With every passing year, Caesar’s Army pushes the boundaries of creating a J’Ouvert that cannot be missed.

Being one of the most popular events from the Army, Caesar’s Army has extended A.M.BUSH to the Barbados and Jamaica market. With patrons venturing from all around the world to be part of this Alternative J’Ouvert Carnival staple event.

A.M.BUSH ignites all ROMANS in attendance with the Carnival fever to kick start the official carnival weekend.

Ultra Premium Beach Brunch

Carnival Thursday morning is intended for those who enjoy the best of both worlds – a beautiful beach setting along with the vibes of the Carnival season.

Known for creating unique and memorable experiences, Caesar’s Army will create the only ultra premium beach brunch for fete goers to attend on their Carnival itinerary.

A.M.BEACH is the only premium event on the Carnival line up, offering a taste of island life on the beach! Our regional and international Romans are in for an All-Inclusive Treat!

Carnival Thursday with the Romans is the only place to be!

The reinvention of the Carnival Experience in a New Weekend; creating the opportunity for non-masqueraders to Own the Road!

Road Block
To kick start Bacchanalia – The Weekend, Road Block gives patrons the opportunity to channel their anticipation for the road with the experience of an ultimate water and powder j’ouvert block party.

Bacchanal Road LED
A Bacchanal Road experience with a twist – Bacchanal Road LED. This mobile event transforms and transports each patron to the experience of Monday Night Mas; popularly executed in Grenada, with led props, on the Road.

Bacchanal Road
For 5 consecutive years, Bacchanal Road has maintained its ability to transform and transport each patron to being on the road on Carnival Monday. It is the perfect prelude to the Greatest Show on Earth. Bacchanal Road has since been introduced in Barbados and Jamaica markets.

Trinidad and Tobago’s first ever Independence Day Festival.

For 10 consecutive years, IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE stands as CAESAR’S ARMY’s annual commemoration of our Nation’s Independence and a celebration of Trinidad and Tobago’s rich cultural diversity.

Each year, IN.DE.PAINT.DANCE takes its audience to a generally untouched beach to participate in the ultimate expression of patriotism.

IN.DE.GRASS was introduced in 2019 to CAESAR’S ARMY’s events to create the first ever Independence Day Festival in Trinidad and Tobago.

As the sun sets on Independence Day, patrons have the opportunity to celebrate the culture and local talent of our young and upcoming artistes in all genres of music. Taste our local cuisine from our innovative merchant market as we enjoy the backdrop of Independence Day Fireworks.

If you are carnival junkie or at least in the loop of the Carnival scene, then the name ‘Caesar’s Army’ is known to you. Known for their innovative and creative events like A.M. Bush, Bacchanal Road, Mai Tai and more, the creative event geniuses are up to something new.

I had the chance to sit down with their Commander in Chief, Jules about the past and what his vision is for the future. While Covid [the rona as we call it on the internet streets] has completely halted carnival events, Caesar’s Army was successfully able to pull off their event ‘Bacchanalia’ in January over a weekend.

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