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A Antigua Observer Feature | By: Orville Williams

Caesar’s CreatiV – A Bold Step for Caesar’s Army

Caesar’s CreatiV a bold step for Caesars Army principals

Innovation – once seen as a rare talent for a gifted few – has evolved into a vital survival tool, amid the devastating Covid-19 pandemic. With this in the back of their minds as well as their repertoire, the principals behind the immensely successful Caesar’s Army are making a big step with Caesar’s CreatiV.

The Caesar’s Army brand is synonymous with entertainment and euphoria, having made Caribbean carnival a hub for their colourful, large-scale events. The CreatiV side of the brand, however, will not necessarily be the ‘feathers and powder’ that their fanbase has become accustomed to, but will take on one vital component – the creation of experiences.

Speaking to Observer recently, co-owner and Chief Operations Officer of Caesar’s Army and CreatiV Hasani, Lesedi Wattley, was keen to explain that the move was not necessarily ‘closing the chapter’ on Carnival, but was instead a creative bit of diversification to adapt to the evolved marketplace.

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